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In the interests of your continuing development as a Regional Referee, and for some of you, your advancement to Regional Referee, WisRef is pleased to offer you this one-time opportunity to be assessed this summer and fall, at no cost to you for Regional Referees, and 1/3 the cost for upgrading Regional Referees.

For Regional Referees, one assessment.  For those who are looking to advance to Regional Referee, two of the required three assessments as Referee.

We understand that the suspension of the spring season and early summer seasons, including youth games and cups, adult games, and U-23s has been hard not only on the players, but on the Referees.

This will come at a large financial cost to WisRef, in a year of reduced registrations, however we feel it is very important to keep you sharp, and help you in your development, all in the hope that you will continue to serve the game and continue to help and encourage other aspiring and developing Referees.

We also hope that you will participate in the Youth Cup games, as they will hopefully be held during a busy fall season, and next spring, to cover the games, but also to help the next generation of referees.

Although those Regional Referees whose 2021 registrations are being automatically renewed by US Soccer and WisRef at no cost to you, you will have to upload two assessments in the Learning Center (LC).

* Assessment you receive in GameOfficials in PDF form.

* Scanned page or Word Document which simply states “CoVid 19 Assessment”.

We will take care of marking the run as complete.  There will still be some required recert material in the LC for your 2021 registration, as well as some online and Virtual content by WisRef – more information to follow.

For those wishing to upgrade to Regional Referee for 2023, you will have to also recert, but you will have to register and pay the registration fee your 2023 badge, as required by US Soccer.  And upload the three assessments.  There will be some recert material in the LC, as well as the online and Virtual content by WisRef.

For Regional Referees, no payment is required, so disregard the payment information.  For those upgrading, same process to request an assessment, you will need to do three.  Prior to the 3rd assessment being assigned, a check for $70 must be received:

Check made payable to WisRef

Tom Mesalk

N81W7086 Hickory St.

Cedarburg, WI  53012.

For all, if an assessment is not a passing performance, or the game just does not work, you would have to pay for the 2nd assessment (recertifying) or 4th assessment (upgrading).

If you are intending to upgrade to Regional for 2023, you must notify the following individuals (all on one email is great):  SRA Joe Krzyzaniak [email protected], SDA David Irwin [email protected], SDI Salvador Garcia [email protected], Sue Walter [email protected], and Tom Mesalk [email protected].

If you are ready….Click here to submit a request!